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   Embassy Enclosures is a manufacturer of high quality, commercial grade, heavy duty canopies, awnings and enclosures. All of our canopies and awnings are made from the right combination of metals including Steel, Stainless Steel and Aluminum for the strongest, longest lasting, product available. Our designs exceed all wind load and snow load ratings required by law.
   Our canopy and awning products offer down lighting, security and FDIC lighting, back lit sign panels, LED accessories, powder coated finishes, and prewiring for security cameras.
   If you currently have a product you enjoy but the turn-around time is not where you want it to be, Embassy can take a look at what you're doing now and possibly reengineer your current canopy design for higher quality and faster response times. Customizations is where we've made our niche.
   Some applications include: Drive up bill pay systems, Drive thru utilities payment centers, Fast food drive through, Pneumatic tube systems, Banks, Credit Unions, Drive through pharmacies, Coffee shops and the list goes on.
   Embassy Enclosures is a contractor for many companies throughout the U.S. and Canada. We will design, build and install where ever you need us to go. We originally started out as a builder for the ATM industry manufacturing complementary canopies, awnings and enclosures for products, such as, NCR, Diebold, Hyosung, Triton, GRG, Wincor, Hantle, Genmega, MoneyTree and other ATM manufacturers! We've had so many companies contact us from different industries, for applications similar to what the ATM industry requires, that we've become more of a custom fabrication expert when it comes to canopy and awning design.

We ship and install anywhere!