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   Embassy Enclosures is America's #1 ATM building and ATM enclosure manufacturer. We manufacture all types of ATM enclosures from drive-up to walk-up, full ATM buildings or partial enclosures, indoor rated or outdoor.

   All of our ATM enclosures are manufactured from solid steel and aluminum and are designed to perform in any conditions indoor or outdoor. Embassy's fully enclosed metal ATM buildings are insulated, air conditioned and heated to insure that your ATMs last as long as possible. We also have Stainless Steel options which means that rust can be a thing of the past.

   We specialize in custom ATM enclosures that fit our clients needs. We can design and manufacture a custom brand and feel that is unique to you, allowing your customers to recognize your financial institution by your drive through ATMs, canopies or enclosures.  We can manufacture your ATM Buildings and enclosures in any color or graphics scheme to fit all of your branding objectives.

   We manufacture our ATM enclosure product in Nashville, TN. This means that we are the most centrally located ATM kiosk, surround, and enclosure company in the US. We are within a two day drive of 90% of our clients and your clients which saves you money on shipping and installs.

   Our crew members can install your customers' ATM enclosures or ATM housings anywhere in the United States, and are geared to produce and deploy our products in quantities of one or two or in the hundreds. Call today for a custom sales quote.
- NCR - Diebold - Wincor - GRG - Hyosung - Hantle - Triton - Genmega -
7x13 Canopy
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