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   Our products work with NCR, Diebold, Nautilus Hyosung, Genmega, Triton, Wincor Nixdorf, GRG, WRG and Moneytree ATMs.

   Just as neccessity is the mother of invention, neccessity is has been the mother of Embassy Enclosures' extensive line of ATM kiosks, enclosures, buildings and surrounds.
   What makes a Embassy Enclosure different is that we have spent years out in the field, installing and perfecting our kiosks, enclosures and surrounds. Not only that, but we have listened to all of the others that have install and operated our line as well, including you our most valuable asset.

   Individuals such as yourself came to us and expressed a need for a certain feature or style of building or surround. Your "neccessity" combined with the collective knowledge from our business partners, kiosk vendors and installers has resulted in the most comprehensive, most well made ATM kiosk product line available today.

   All of our ATM kiosks are constructed from solid steel bodies that have a baked on, powder coated, finish to ensure the longest life possible. Each ATM enclosure is  insulated, heated and air conditioned to equally ensure that your ATM has the same expectation of long life. The ATM canopies are the first line of defense against snow and rain so we make them from solid aluminum to prevent corrosion that you typically see with other ATM kiosks.

   Another benefit to having the most innovative engineering is, reduced field time. One of our jobs is to save our clients money. Besides the reasonable prices we offer, the fact that our ATM kiosks can be install in quicker than any in the industry, saving you install costs and headaches.
5448-Side Service
5448-Rear Service
9648-Security Walk-in
4838U - Rear Serve
5837B -Bunker Style