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   Embassy Enclosures is the premier manufacturer of ATM Kiosks, Enclosures, Surrounds and Canopies.
   All of our units are designed to go outside and are climatized to ensure that your ATMs remain in top working condition for the life span of the equipment. They are also designed to make upgrades extremely easy and keep your costs low. All of our product is constructed from high quality solid steel, stainless steel, and/or aluminum.

   If you want a rust proof ATM enclosure, no problem at all. We can manufacture any of our products' outter structure completely from stainless steel. This will prevent the problems that arrise from the use of snow / ice melt. This is especially important when you are placing ATMs in the Midwest and Northeast where these chemicals can stay on the equipment for months on end. Even if you aren't in a harsh environment, making your enclosures and surrounds from rust proof stainless steel will elongate the life of your investment.
   Our "Outdoor Surround" is a one of a kind ATM kiosk that takes any standard ATM available today, new and old, and completely incases it to protect it from all types of climates and weather. This ATM kiosk comes in two basic models, standard and phone booth style.

   Embassy Enclosures' standard style Outdoor Surround has more of a nice, traditional looking, appearance, is made from solid steel and aluminum, and has a 1/2 inch thick, clear, front panel to secure your ATM and allow easy access to the customers' cash. It has 2 cooling fans for summer use and can be insulated and heated for areas where the winters are more harsh. The 4 sided lighted ATM topper allows people to see your ATM kiosk from far off, making sure that you capitalize on all available surcharged transactions.

   Weatherproofing and waterproofing ATMs has been the a goal of ATM deployers since the mid 90s, so
Embassy designed the only truly weaterproof ATM kiosk. The Embassy Enclosures' "Outdoor Surround" is the only way to completely waterproof any ATM on the market! The Outdoor Surround allows you to take any ATM a place it outside freeing up valuable floor space and increasing your transaction by making your ATM a 24 hour ATM and increasing its visibility for passersby.

   Both can be used for permanent ATM deployment or temporary deployment for special events such as ball parks, fairs, carnivals, festivals, concession stands, etc.