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   Embassy Enclosures is by far the leader when it comes to custom and unique ATM kiosks, enclosures and surrounds. Our philosophy is that its hard to to play ball with someone when you can't even find the field. We are always re-inventing the playing field, leaving all others doing their best to copy what we're doing. But, just because something may look similar doesn't mean it is anywhere close in quality. ATM kiosks and surrounds is all we do, so we are the best!

   One of the areas that we have excelled is designing ways to use ATMs on sites that traditionally would have had to have been passed on. One of these areas is sidewalk ATM kiosks, enclosures and surrounds.

   With our Outdoor ATM Surround we can take any ATM, weatherize it and use it on any sidewalk. Easy operation, for you and the user, it dramatically lowers the cost of deploying outdoor ATMs, allowing you to place 3 or 4 when compared to the costs of traditionally deploying outside ATMs.

   Our 3630F has about the same footprint as a vending machine and opens from the front, taking the ATM with to allowing you to service the ATM without having to have access to the rear of the kiosk. This front service ATM kiosk is fully insulated, air conditioned and heated.

Embassy Enclosures even has turntable ATM kiosks and enclosures for backing full size banking ATMs up against a wall and rotating them for servicing. We have an ATM Kiosk to fit every model of ATM on the market. The Kiosks represented on this page fit the Nautilus Hyosung 2100T ATM, Hantle 4000T ATM, Genmega GT3000 ATM, Nautilus Hyosung 2700T, Genmega GT5000 ATM, and many more!

   Let us customize a line of kiosks for your company.
3630 Open Front