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Custom ATM Kiosks and Surrounds:
Embassy Enclosures is the industry's premier designer of custom ATM kiosks and surrounds. Why look like every other Financial Institution around? We can help you create a custom look and feel that your customers will trust and rely on for years to come.

ATM Kiosk and ATM Purchasing:
                We've become America's #1 ATM kiosk and enclosure manufacturer by bringing you the highest quality products at the most competitive pricing. We have a solution for every application and for every ATM model. Most of our Consultants carry all makes and models of ATMs as well other banking equipment.

ATM Site Acquisition:
                Whether you are looking for ATM sites to increase market share or for surcharge revenue, let our team aid you in finding valuable locations that complement your future plans. Our goal is to keep your ATM portfolio profitable or at a minimum, revenue neutral.

ATM Outsourcing:
                Our Nationwide Consultant Team can take over and operate your existing ATM locations, removing all responsibilities, but allowing you to maintain your ATM footprint, all the while providing you with significant savings, freeing up your budget and your capital. This can allow you to expand into those areas of need.

ATM Branding:
                ATM Branding is simple and smart. In short, you brand an ATM that is not yours, with your marketing image, like it is yours, and your customers never know the difference, because they are never charged a surcharge. Our team has thousands of ATM locations available right now and can expand as you need!

ATM Exit Strategies:
                Looking to downsize your ATM portfolio? Let our consultants take over the locations that you don't need and use generic branding to prevent your competitors from coming in and gaining ground in your market area.

Nationwide Team of Consultants:
                Our team of consultants is made up of individuals and companies in your area that can give you the local service that you need. If you don't have an Embassy Consultant you are working with, call us and we'll connect you with one. If there's not one in your area we'll be happy to work with you directly to ensure you get where you need to be. Ask your Banking Equipment Company or Security Provider for an Embassy Enclosure!
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